Do you feel like anger is ruling your life or that you are losing control of your temper? Do you find yourself constantly angry or frustrated, even over small things? If so, it’s time to take a closer look at your feelings. Anger can be destructive if it is not managed properly. It can lead to problems in relationships, work, and school. It can also cause physical health problems or lead you to hurt the ones you love.

The good news is that anger can be managed, and you have the ability to control it. But first, you need to understand your anger. You need to know what causes it and how to deal with it in a positive way. Once you know more about your anger, you can start taking steps to manage it better. Mindflow Recovery Institute can provide you with the help of a mental health professional to help you understand and manage your anger.

We suggest taking our anger issues quiz to determine if you tend to feel angry or be violent when it comes to managing your negative emotions or anger levels. The good news is you are getting ahead of your potential anger by being here!

Online Anger Management Test

Fill out our free anger test and discover if your anger is beyond what’s acceptable, or if it’s impacting your health or a relationship. You can also take this anger management test to get a better understanding of your anger. This anger issues test will also help you to identify your anger triggers, understand your anger style, and find out what kind of anger management techniques will work best for you. It only takes a few minutes to complete, and your answers are completely confidential to anyone outside of our company.

Anger Quiz

The anger level test will see how you react in stressful situations. Answer the questions below, then click submit to find out more about your emotional responses!

Do you tend to feel overly guilty or badly after getting angry?

Do you usually keep thoughts and feelings in until you finally explode with anger?

Do you get unnecessarily upset with others when they disagree with you?

When I’m angry, I find it really difficult to discuss a problem in a controlled manner.

When I’m angry, I have trouble controlling my emotions and actions, and often say or do things I regret.

Do you have a tendency to criticize others?

Do you easily become depressed?

Are you content with the way you currently settle your differences with others?

Your score is

The average score is 56%

Misdiagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder

Explosive anger is characterized by outbursts that are disproportionate to the triggering event. These episodes may be verbal or physical, and they can occur as intense rage lasting for hours to a day. It can also cause individuals to think they have anger attacks when in reality they might have Borderline Personality Disorder.

How do you usually deal with anger? If you are not sure and it turns out that you have anger management issues visiting a mental health practitioner immediately can benefit you. Everyone is limited on time and not everyone has the means to go in person. Here at Mindflow Recovery Institute, we understand that and our therapy sessions are online on a safe server. No driving or no filling up on gas. We are just a few clicks away. The convenience is amazing! Ready to give us a call? Go ahead at 833-957-2690.

Is it Intermittent Explosive Disorder?

How do you know Intermittent Explosive Disorder is not another disorder like Major Depressive Disorder or Bipolar Disorder? You will need to reach out to our mental health professionals.

Anger Management Techniques

Some anger management techniques have relaxation techniques such as deep breathing exercises, visualization, and positive self-talk. When you hold grudges it defeats the purpose of your progress.

There are benefits of getting help with Crownview TeleHealth Institute which allows you to get help in a more relaxed setting that might lower your anxiety and improve your counseling experience, provide you with more privacy, and reduce the emotional stress often associated with clinic or hospital settings. Open treatment access for those who live far from traditional healthcare services, and we simplify the administrative steps.

Visiting a Mental Health Professional

An anger test is an asset because it lets you know where you are, and you can feel if you are on the bad end of the spectrum. Anger attacks occur, and if your stress levels increase, so manage your anger so you can handle them in stressful situations. These are signs that you need to reach out to our mental health professionals.

Anger Issues Test Determines

-Causes and effects of anger

-Healthy anger management techniques

-Assess where the feeling comes from

The Financial Aspect of Getting Help

Many individuals delay getting help due to their finances. Get started with the first steps toward managing your anger. Call us today to learn about how our financial assessment can benefit you.

Anger Management FAQs

Are anger attacks common?

Take an anger management test to find out. Aggression is angry behavior that is intended to harm someone physically or emotionally.

What are the 5 levels of anger?

The 5 levels of anger are: mild, moderate, severe, explosive, and murderous. Anger is an emotion that can range from annoyance to rage.

What therapy is best for anger management?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is the most recommended form of therapy for anger management. CBT can teach you how to recognize and change negative thought patterns that contribute to anger.

Is anger a mental illness?

Anger is not generally classified as a mental illness. However, if your anger is out of control and causing problems in your life, you should talk to a mental health professional about help!

How do I know if I need anger management therapy?

If you are experiencing any of the following, anger management therapy may be right for you. Multiple things can trigger anger including stress, family problems, and financial issues. 

Do I have to admit that I have anger problems participating in anger management therapy?

While anger is a normal emotion, it becomes a problem when it’s out of control and you’re behaving in ways that are harmful to yourself or others.

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