Admissions Information

We understand beginning the treatment process for yourself or a loved one can be a difficult time. While every experience varies depending upon the individual needing treatment, you can expect the following steps in our admissions process:

  1. Initial contact:

    Whether the contact is made via inquiry on this page or through our admissions line, you will receive an immediate response from one of our admissions coordinators to obtain insurance information and point of contact for the client.

  2. Phone Assessment:

    Once contact has been made this step is to obtain as much information regarding the current presenting issues or symptoms to assure treatment is appropriate.

  3. Financial assessment:

    After assessing appropriateness of treatment, insurance and financial obligations will then be discussed.

  4. Admission:

    When the individual has been approved for admission through both assessments, a day and time is set to admit the individual into our program.


Help is only a phone call away: